Team Members


Beth Morrison

Executive Director

(980) 236-0977

Favorite word: Synergy

Strength: Big ideas


Jesse Elkins

AmeriCorps Outreach Coordinator

Favorite word: Gorgeous

Strength: Charisma

Jesse is dedicated to outreach with community members, homeowners, and volunteers. He also wants to collaborate with more nonprofits and create initiatives doing work in the local community.

One of Jesse's strengths is seeing unique opportunities where they are not obvious and turning them into plans of action. He wants to be a leader with purpose who is not afraid of the challenges that might arise and is always, "down for the get down". Jesse picked the nonprofit sector because of the freedom he finds in the nonprofit world and enjoys, "not being bound by corporate rules."

When Jesse isn't hard at work with RTGC you can find him traveling with his family and working on his fitness. It is his goal to run his own organization that focuses on the intersection of queerness and fitness to create a safer space for those who don't feel comfortable in regular fitness spaces. His goals for the upcoming year are continual growth and consistency while learning more about how nonprofits work.

Jesse is a go getter, thrill seeker, and a creative mind. To the person who loves to help people anyway they can, but ironic lover of all things watching people tripping and falling, welcome to the team!


Patricia Lovejoy

AmeriCorps Outreach Coordinator

Favorite word: Hope

Strength: Compassion

Patricia’s role involves overseeing community and volunteer outreach and client relations. Her goal for her position is to build a sustainable relationship of trust between the organization and the local community.

She has a background in human rights and believes that healthy housing is a basic human right that everyone should have access to. She supports grassroots level outreach and collaboration and is looking forward to doing that with RTGC. She is also looking forward to working with other organizations and local partners on community projects.

Outside of work you can catch Patricia being goofy with her family and friends, exploring wherever she can, or at the local gemstone shop. She eventually wants to go to law school to become an international human rights lawyer and work to ensure access to equal rights around the world.

Patricia is spunky, passionate, and determined. To the self described "cautious optimist", welcome to the team!

Brian Legassie

Construction Manager

Favorite Word: Awesome

Strength: Organization

Brian is in charge of overseeing all of construction, developing work scopes, ordering project materials, coordinating skilled trades, and so much more.

He has been building and remodeling homes since he was 14 years old and enjoys it because he loves working with his hands. Brian picked working within the nonprofit sector because he wants to give back. "It's cliche but I love and live by the model, 'all for one, one for all'."

This year he is most looking forward to helping build a wonderful organization in the Charlotte market and being able to make a difference in the lives of the communities we are working with.

Outside of RTGC you can always see him spending time with his family, from coaching his daughter's softball team to camping and connecting in nature.

Brian is hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, and likes to have fun. To the self described "big teddy bear", welcome to the team, Brian!